Orville and Wilbur's Wings Just Right Relocation

Orville and Wilbur's Wings Just Right was a aviation themed chicken concept originally included in the newly renovated Bowen-Thompson Student Union.
It was unsuccessful and closed rather quickly. Discovering there was still contractual obligations several months later, it was decided to place the concept in McDonald Dining Center, one of the more out-dated facilities.
Instead of the usual fan fare to open a new facility I instructed staff to only provide minimal information, and only when asked.
Shown is the three week campaign for the opening. The first two weeks didn't mention the wings concept at all, the third week was opening week and the big reveal.
The atypical plan worked so well after three days Tyson food service Ohio was depleted of chicken and was trucking it in from other states to meet our and other customers needs.
Along with the legal sized flyers, newspaper ads and table tents were created.

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