This was campaign to promote the fact that Dining Services lowered the prices on 327 different regular menu items. Rather than straight out tell the students have have the information mostly ignored and forgotten, we used a guerilla marketing technique.
First campus was plastered with the unusual sized 11" x 4.25" flyers on electric green paper in eight different styles, saying nothing but 327. All cashiers were also given buttons that said only "327."
A week later those same eight designs were revised to included the text "Some things do change." Another week later both sets of flyers were replaced with 11" x 8.5" flyers that had the previous artwork on it, along with the explanation that 327 was the number of items that had their prices lowered.
The effect was during the first two weeks many students couldn't help but let their curiosity get the best of them and ask the cashier what the 327 button was about. During the final week those who were curious but to shy to ask could find out for themselves.

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